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Account maintenance

Having issues with your PIN?

Your new credit card is set up for chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN will be sent to you a few days after you receive your card.

Changing your PIN

Your card arrives with a pre-set PIN. If you want to change that number, you can do so anytime at an ATM offering PIN Services. Choose the PIN Services option and follow the on-screen instructions. Additional cardholders can also change their PIN at anytime in this way.

If you forget your PIN

If you accidentally enter the wrong PIN three consecutive times, even in different places, the number is locked and you won’t be able to use it in shops/restaurants etc until you unlock it. If you remember your PIN later, you can unlock it at an ATM offering PIN Services by following the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, call us on 0800 678 3320 and we’ll post you a reminder. If your PIN was locked you will still need to unlock it at an ATM offering PIN Services by following the on-screen instructions.

Using your PIN abroad

PIN payments are common all over the world. However, in some places you’ll still be asked for a signature. Both methods are fine with your credit card. It’s important to remember your PIN abroad, because it can’t be unlocked while you’re out of the UK, and you may not always be able to sign for purchases.

PIN security

Keep your PIN private at all times. If you think someone else knows your PIN, contact us on 0800 678 3320.

When wouldn’t I use a PIN payment?

If there’s no chip and PIN system in place, you can authorise your payment with a signature. Contactless payments and transactions made by phone, mail or over the internet don’t need a PIN. If you have a disability or medical condition that means you can’t use chip and PIN, please contact us on 0800678 3320.


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