Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for SecureCode™?

The easiest and recommended process is to use the links below.

Please have your card to hand as during registration you will be asked to supply personal and card information.

If you register at you will also be asked to create a Personal Assurance Message (PAM). This can be anything you want, it should be personal to you, but does not need to be secret and will appear each time you pay at a registered retailer. The PAM is your assurance that you are dealing with your card issuer and will be displayed on every occasion that you make an online purchase using SecureCode. You should always check to see that this message is displayed, as it confirms that the website asking for your password is genuine.

Click here to register your Debit Mastercard (opens a new window)

Alternatively, you may register when shopping at participating merchants during the checkout process.


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