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What are the daily limits and transaction limits for Internet Banking?

Your daily and transaction limits vary depending on whether or not you have a security token, and whether you’re the account holder or a nominated user.

If you don’t have a security token, or are a nominated user:

The limit is £1,000 per business day* for personal customers. Individual transactions are also restricted to £500; however it’s possible to make multiple transactions up to the £1,000 daily limit.

The £500 transaction limit applies to Funds Transfers, Bill Payments, and creation of Standing Orders.

Transfers to your own linked accounts are not restricted by the transaction or daily limits.

Payments made using the Bill Payments option are not restricted by the £1,000 daily limit.

Please note: Nominated Users are not permitted for business accounts on Internet Banking.

If you have a security token:

The limit is £25,000 per business day*.

If you have a token, you can make one individual transaction of up to £25,000 or multiple transactions up to £25000.

Transfers to your own linked accounts are not restricted by the £25,000 daily limit.

*Business Day means any full day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays) on which banks generally are open in the City of London for the transaction of normal banking business. If payments are made over the weekend they will be accumulated to Friday’s daily limit, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and Bank holidays if applicable) will all count as 1 business day.


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