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What can I do to protect my information when using mobile banking?

You can do a wide range of things to help protect your information including:

  • Putting a passcode on your device can give you extra protection.
  • Logging out of the mobile banking app if you're not using it.
  • Not writing down your security information or storing it in your device.
  • Not divulging any of your security information to anyone else, even if the request appears to come from us.
  • Avoiding sharing the device with which you carry out your mobile banking.
  • Checking your account records carefully.
  • Using official stores when downloading our mobile app. It's only available from official stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play™.
  • Keeping your app updated to make sure your device is not open to risks.
  • If your mobile device is compatible with anti-virus software, it’s a good idea to download one from a reputable brand.
  • Remember, we will never ask you for your security information via SMS or email.


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