Frequently Asked Questions

What are daily limits and transaction limits?

Payments made by internet banking or mobile banking are subject to limits, higher value payments need two-factor authentication.

To use two-factor authentication, you need an enrolled mobile device with the mobile banking app installed.

Personal Customer limitsDaily limit per dayTransaction limit
Without two-factor authentication£1,000£500
With two-factor authentication£30,000£30,000

Business Customer limitsDaily limit per dayTransaction limit
Without two-factor authentication£10,000£10,000
With two-factor authentication£30,000£30,000

Nominated users are not eligible for the use of two-factor authentication, so are always subject to the lower limits.

Please note that the daily limit includes of all payments made on internet or mobile banking. Although Standing Orders, Direct Debits and payments made to our approved billers list are not counted as part of your daily limit, you will still have to provide two-factor authentication when creating a Standing Order or biller payment above the transaction threshold.

Transfers to a Company listed using company search is not subject to a daily limit but a transaction limit of £30,000, higher value payments (transactions over £500) need two-factor authentication.

Transfers to your own linked accounts are not subject to daily or transaction limits and do not require two-factor authentication.


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